Striking Concrete
Striking Concrete

Washing and Sealing

Keep your concrete looking perfect.

Our concrete wash and seal process uses safe pressure to remove dirt and grime from your concrete. This is followed by an application of our deep penetrating sealer to help prevent seasonal cracking and chipping. Striking Concrete is ready to help clean and protect your concrete surfaces.
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Help Prevent Cracking & Chipping

Our weather guard sealer penetrates the surface, strengthening your concrete without altering its appearance. Annual power washing is the easiest and most effective way to help prevent expensive repairs and keep your concrete surfaces looking great year-round.

We Safely Remove Dirt & Grime

Our expertly trained technicians use the latest equipment to extract built-up residue from the pores of your concrete surfaces. You won’t believe the results!
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Do it yourself
We let you do it all, Striking Concrete will provide you with the material for your DIY.
  •   ◦    We supply high grade sealer, directions and application material  
  • ◦    We will deliver to your doorstep
Let us help
Teamwork! We work with you, you start and we finish.
  • ◦    Customer -Pressure washes concrete
  • ◦    Striking Concrete supplies sealer and application
relax .. we got this
Sit back! Striking got you covered.
  • ◦    Striking pressure washes
  • ◦    Supply of sealer
  • ◦    Striking seals concrete